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Our story

Founded in 2013 in Zagreb, Croatia, Amodo consisted of just 5 team members. Through the years, the number of employees increased, and today our community has around 50 passionate individuals who share the same goal – moving the boundaries of the insurance industry.

Our vision and hard work led us to the 5M USD investment from Investors such as Speed Invest, Lead Ventures, Capital and Bee Next. The investment supported us and gave us wings to build a top-class connected insurance platform and acquire an excellent customer base, including AIG, Porsche Insurance, UNIQA, and many others.

Our clients are on six continents and 30 different countries. We have delivered over 45 projects globally and are on a continuous lookout for new team members equally excited about creating and promoting innovative, data-driven solutions.

Our values

The primary motivation for building the Amodo Connected Insurance Platform was the apparent gap between customer expectations and what insurance products and services deliver. While working on closing that gap, we try to remain loyal to our four core values.


It is said that the secret of success is never to lose your focus. Here in Amodo, we are relentlessly focused on our customers and their main pain points at every step of our journey.


A mindset that starts with the willingness to think outside of the box, make things better, or do things differently is the key for innovation. It is written in our company’s DNA, and it is widespread among all of us.


Individuals who are passionate about what they do possess a high energy level and demonstrate a positive attitude are first to achieve and exceed standards of excellence. That’s our team.


A team is more than just a group of individuals; it is the synergy of different views and ways of thinking. We believe in the power of working together and see it as a crucial factor in achieving our goals and creating outstanding results. 

“With the current pandemic situation, a sense of belonging to a team is more important than ever. Our team consists of very focused, open-minded individuals that are passionate about the technology we are building. I see employees as one of the most important and strongest pillars of our organization and the crucial factor of our company success.”

Marijan Mumdziev, CEO

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